Abstract: Session F  3:55 pm (Back to Session F)

Lessons from a Contractor Concerning Design Implementation (Lessons from Joe Backhoe)

Liz DiNatale, PE
Shamrock Environmental Corporation
Browns Summit NC

Shamrock environmental would be honored to present their unique perspective as an industry leading stream restoration installer. With many years and many miles in our portfolio we have learned significant lessons. A topic often touched on internally is failures of the design. While these errors seem small or inconsequential to the observer, they can have large impacts to the installer as well as the owner. The presentation will be a candid look at lessons learned by the other side of the stream restoration process, the construction side. This presentation will not be a blame game, alternatively, it will cast light on topics that are not spoken by designers but are incredibly valuable to design considerations. It will touch on topics that often delay and or hinder construction for instance, vague and erroneous details, poor oversight, lack of thorough planning before design (i.e. wasted onsite resources), collaborative communication and so on. Efforts will be made to reach out to Shamrock’s often called upon subconsultants for insight on common problems from the planting/seeding installation perspective. These topics will have real project examples (though the names of designs and specifics will be omitted) and include methods to avoid repeating the same mistake. The goal of this presentation will be to shed light on the repetitive complications seen in many stream restoration designs. The topics are not special to one design, one engineering firm or even one region. These are issues seen across the industry and across the country.