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Minimizing Conflict – A Discussion of Lessons Learned for High Quality/Low Cost Stream Restoration Construction

Adam Nabors
Environmental Quality Resources, LLC
Millersville, MD 

The equation is simple:  Conflict + Risk = unhappy Clients and uneasy Contractors.  You’re already managing known risk… who would want to pile on more, right?  During the implementation phase of a stream restoration project, conflict and risk come in many forms but yield the same outcomes:  sky-high bids, slow production rates, discrepancies between design intent and installed product, and the two most feared words in contracting:  Change Orders.  As the ecological restoration industry continues to expand, it is critical that all parties regularly engage in frank discussion to avoid these potential conflicts and the risks they pose to our industry and ecosystems.  

Throughout 28 years and 3,400 ecological restoration projects completed, Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (EQR) often sees similar points of misconception and confusion recurring in project plans.  In this discussion geared toward designers and owners, we’ll address different types of avoidable conflict EQR has navigated such as:  the dangers of contradictory or missing information, unspecified or limited/unavailable materials, and work sequencing inefficiencies that increase costs and unnecessarily extend project durations.  Don’t fret, we’ll close by introducing some new tips to decrease the duration of your project’s construction phase, increase work quality, and foster more effective communication.  We all share the goal of sustainable, resilient stream systems.  Let’s get there by working together.