Abstract: Session F  1:55 pm (Back to Session F)
Toe Wood Design Details

Dave Rosgen, PhD, PH
Brandon Rosgen
Wildland Hydrology
Fort Collins, CO

As a key part of Natural Channel Design, Toe Wood has become a widespread approach for streambank stabilization and fish habitat enhancement throughout the United States.  From its early inception 20 years ago, we have made several design improvements for Toe Wood.  This presentation documents the most up-to-date design details that result in a sustainable approach requiring little to no maintenance.  Toe Wood has proven effective for self-maintenance in the presence of major floods and droughts while providing excellent habitat for high flow and low flow refugia for salmonids. Like any structure, design details are necessary in order to establish and maintain stream system stability, physical and biological function.  Evidence of  proper and improper designs and installation will be presented along with a discussion of its application for stream restoration integrating Natural Channel Design principles.