Abstract: Session E  3:55 pm (Back to Session E)
How Many Credits Would Your Stream Mitigation Project Generate? 

Joshua White, PG, PE, CFM, CPESC
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. (CEC)
Worthington, OH

Stream mitigation has become a routine unavoidable requirement from Federal and State permitting agencies for impacts to our water resources. This has placed intense focus on stream restoration practices as the most common practice for mitigation. As it is written, the Federal regulations have left it up to each region or district to establish stream mitigation requirements.  These regulations have created a wide range of assessments and procedures for mitigating impacts.

This presentation will briefly attempt explaining the regulatory stream mitigation methods for Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, and Virginia.  In addition, the presentation will do a credit and cost comparison for two hypothetical projects for each State’s current in-lieu fee providers and will assess the projects to see how each State tallies potential mitigation credits.