Abstract: Session D  1:55 pm (Back to Session D)
Pursuing Fish Passage in Whitewater Parks

Scott Shipley
S2O Design and Engineering
Lyons, Colorado

Ashley Ficke, PhD
GEI Consultants
Phippsburg, Colorado

The evolution of whitewater parks from solely recreational features to hybrid designs that incorporate fish passage is progressing. This presentation will explore the history and current science related to fish passage in whitewater recreation parks from early park design that did not consider fish passage to subsequent efforts to include fish passage into whitewater park projects, like Meadow Park and the Eagle Whitewater Park. Today, all in-stream restoration and recreation work must accommodate fish migration. The Columbus Riverfront project serves as a current example of a riffle and whitewater channel combination that will provide fish passage, replacing a defunct low-head dam that has blocked fish migrations for approximately 100 years.

The discussion will present the Canon City Whitewater Park as a case study. This project utilized a separate bypass channel designed in parallel with the whitewater structure. The project parameters were originally designed in one-dimensional HEC-RAS and then refined and evaluated using two-dimensional hydraulic modeling. The fish passage design is based on recommendations for native Arkansas Darter and Flathead Chub (created by Ashley Ficke).  Follow-up studies will include velocity verification and possible pit-tagging studies.