D session
Restoring Connectivity

1:30 pm     
Design and Construction of Side-Channel Fish Habitat on the Bow River as Offset for Serious Harm
Matt Wood, PE, CPESC, and James Bigelow, PE, Stantec Consulting Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2:55 pm     
Pursuing Fish Passage in Whitewater Parks
Scott Shipley, S2O Design and Engineering, Lyons, Colorado

2:20 pm    
Techniques for Fish-Passage Evaluation through Hydraulic Structures
Michael Scurlock,, Carbondale, CO

2:45 pm     
Reconnection, Restoration and Enhancement of Elbow Coulee in the Sun River Watershed, Augusta MT
Robert L Sain, Kroenke Ranches, Bozeman, MT

3:10 pm    
Break in the Exhibit Hall

3:30 pm     
Who Gives a Dam? Removing Barriers to Aquatic Organism Passage One Step at a Time
Greg Jennings, PhD, PE, Jennings Environmental PLLC, Asheville, NC

3:55 pm
Hoosier Dam Removal Project: Sediment Management Before, During, and After Removal
Angela Allen, PE, Wildlands Engineering. Inc., Raleigh, NC

4:20 pm
Alan Walker

4:45 pm