CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – Presentations and Posters

Deadline for submission – March 15, 2019
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The 4th  Rocky Mountain Stream Restoration Conference will provide an opportunity for professionals to share ideas and lessons learned in stream restoration assessment, planning, design, construction, and evaluation, as well as other topical stream issues. The conference will explore stream restoration challenges and solutions, with a focus on the Intermountain West. The conference will give special consideration to abstracts that identify challenges, discuss solutions, and recommend a standard of practice.

Theme:  Constrained Realities:  The Role of Restoration in the Reality of Watershed Extremes 

Target Audience:  Scientists, practitioners, resource professionals and related

* Stream and watershed assessment & planning
* Limiting Factors Analysis and ecological & aquatic assessments
* Use of drones for data collection
* Sediment transport
* Natural geologic rates vs. accelerated rates
* Urban restoration
* Innovative use of structures
* Instream and riparian wood (retaining existing, large wood introduction, wood structures, etc.)
* Utilization of beavers for stream and riparian restoration
* Fire & flood-impacted streams
* Aquatic habitat enhancement and ecological restoration
* Mitigation for excessive stream temperatures and climate change
* Longitudinal and lateral connectivity (aquatic organism passage, floodplain connectivity)
* Instream flows and the natural flow regime
* Riparian management (livestock, wildlife, recreation)
* Vegetation in restoration planning and implementation
* Dam removal
* Innovative implementation techniques (GPS, staging, etc.)
* Post-restoration monitoring (success criteria, fisheries benefits, etc.)
* Lessons learned through successes and failures
* Lessons learned (insight for future projects)
* Interdisciplinary approaches to restoration (lessons learned in partnerships or teams that collaborated)

Deadline:  March 15, 2019

If the subject you wish to address is not listed, please submit your abstract and/or poster proposal using the “Miscellaneous” category. Provided your presentation meets the selection criteria, we will do our best to include you in the program. Presenters will be notified by March 15, 2019.

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