Abstract: Session C  9:45 am (Back to Session C)
Effective Stream Restoration in Urban Watersheds:  Contractor Recommendations for Successful Implementation

Adam Nabors
Environmental Quality Resources, LLC
Millersville, MD

Urban systems and their impervious catchments represent a suite of unique challenges to stream restoration activities.  Project areas are typically defined with construction activities as secondary criteria, utility conflicts abound, site topography changes drastically storm to storm, and access is often presented with wry smiles and a ‘figure it out’ mentality.  While readily available on rural sites, urban project areas rarely offer the possibility of on-site material harvest (not to mention adequate stockpile), and available space for maintenance of streamflow options (where required) is limited.  Though these issues can present substantial difficulties during the construction phase of your project, with a bit of planning the impacts can be mitigated for success in urban settings.

Over nearly 3 decades, Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (EQR) has faced the challenges of stream restoration implementation in some our country’s densest urban communities.  In this discussion we’ll address issues arising from work in the urban landscape and offer constructability solutions that keep job cost down and raise work productivity.  We’ll discuss how to maximize your urban site’s available access and stockpile locations, including techniques to ELIMINATE (some) access.  Finally, we’ll review specific projects and detail how job-killing obstacles were overcome by working closely with owners and designers.