C session
Technology Innovations

8:30 am     
Digital Technology Makes Stream Restoration More Efficient, Accurate, and Less Costly
Nancy Douglas, Wildnote, San Luis Obispo, CA

8:55 am     
Designs That Drive the Success of Stream Mitigation Banks
Nate Ober, PG, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Crested Butte, Colorado

9:20 am    
Introduction to Geomorphic Assessment Tools
Andrea Taillacq, Tailwater Limited, Wellington, CO

9:45 am     
A Hybrid Approach to Natural Channel Design
Matthew Johnson, PE CFM, HDR, Colorado Springs, CO

10:10 am    
Break in the Exhibit Hall

10:30 am     
Effective Stream Restoration in Urban Watersheds:  Contractor Recommendations for Successful Implementation
Adam Nabors, Environmental Quality Resources, LLC, Millersville, MD 

10:55 am
Fusion of topographic data for river valley geomorphic studies: Examples from Grand Canyon’s Colorado River, Arizona
Stephanie V. Coffman, Stantec Consulting Services Inc., Fort Worth, TX

11:20 am
A Naturalistic Approach to Watershed Restoration and Flood Mitigation
Garrett Altmann- GIS Coordinator, Santa Clara Pueblo, Forestry Department, Espanola, NM

11:45 am     

12:15 pm   
Lunch Provided