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Strong Relationships – Not Just for Landowners

John R. Goetz III
Clean Water Services
Hillsboro, Oregon

Authors:  John Goetz III, Rosario Franco, Juan Diego Franco, Kathleen Guillozet, Andrea Berkley

Natural resource managers can dramatically improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their projects and avoid common mistakes by fostering stronger relationships with the contractors that implement the plans and projects designed and implemented by practitioners throughout the country. Based on personal experiences, and extensive contractor interviews representing decades of on-the-ground experience implementing habitat improvement projects, the authors offer advice, answers and lists of key questions by project stage that, if effectively managed, will prove to enhance the teamwork between client and contractor.

Key items to consider with every project include things to ask yourself before project initiation, factors to consider during implementation and things to remember to do after implementation. Additionally, through an exploration of what land managers can do better when working with contractors and understanding what must be completed behind the scenes by the contractor for each work day, the reader will find valuable information that, if incorporated into project planning will enhance project management decisions, create more effective teams and lead to the associated natural resource benefits.