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Using UAVs in Environmental Projects – Stream Restoration and More

Instructor:  William Whitehead, Ph.D., RPA

Materials students should bring: note taking supplies

Materials will receive: handouts and protocols (digital and paper)

Learning Objectives - Students will come away from this class knowing the basics of:
a) how to get a Part 107 certificate
b) starting equipment options
c) flight programs to control UAVs
d) photo processing and photogrammetry programs
e) analysis of processed data in QGIS
f) how to create presentation materials and deliverables

At the completion of this workshop participants should be familiar with the basics of:
1) collecting their own drone data
2) creating an orthomosaic and digital surface model
3) creating a map using QGIS
4) how to present their data in a technical report

Workshop Description:
This workshop is intended for a broad range of practitioners who would like to understand how UAV data is collected, processed and presented in the restoration context.  The fundamentals of UAV work will be presented, using real world examples, from getting started with UAVs to specific techniques used in riparian ecologies. A dataset will be taken form start to finish, showing the exact steps taken to create usable results.  It is recommended that users bring a laptop, and a portable USB storage device to receive digital data and materials.