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The Drones Are Here to Stay: Guidance for Implementation of sUAS

Mike Aust
Liam O’meara
Environmental Quality Resources
Richmond, VA

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) have been on the commercial marketplace for a number of years; offering stream restoration professionals a variety of benefits. We will discuss the means and methods to implement these systems as a stream practitioner. We will also discuss how to use this cost-effective tool to enhance a variety of tasks including communication, assessment, and monitoring.

The class will be invited to a hands-on experience and guidance on how to safely operate sUAS. There will also be a demonstration on some of the software that produces the 3D models and GIS data.

From site selection to construction and beyond. These sUAS allow us to gain a new perspective on restoration projects. Utilizing the on-board cameras and GIS tools available, allows stream restoration professionals to effectively communicate pre- and post-restoration site conditions. sUAS allow on the ground assessment teams to cover more area in less time with detailed visual assessment data that can easily be sent to office team members located anywhere in the world, instantly. After construction, a project can be easily monitored from the sky giving approval agencies a new perspective and confidence in the images provided to them for review.