Abstract: Opening Plenary Session 3:30 pm (BACK)


Stream Restoration: Considering Habitat Requirements for “Other Species”

 Ashley Ficke
GEI Consultants
Fort Collins, CO

Cecily Mui
Watershed Coordinator
Saint Vrain Creek Coalition
Longmont, CO

 As stream restoration in Colorado continues to evolve, it has become apparent that the following species often require additional consideration during a restoration project: Colorado’s native warmwater fishes (30+ species) and humans (Homo sapiens).  Colorado’s native warmwater fishes have different habitat requirements than salmonids, which has implications for restoration in transition zone and warmwater streams.  However, integrating these requirements into restoration designs is becoming more practical with increased knowledge of the ecology of these fishes and with the more widespread use of 2-D hydrodynamic models.  Nevertheless, one of the largest challenges associated with restoration projects in transition zone and warmwater streams does not involve geomorphology or ecology.  Instead, it involves orchestrating the moving parts of diverse funding sources, private landowners with varying goals and interests, consultants, and governmental agencies.  As scientists, many of us are prone to overlooking this aspect of stream restoration, but it is crucial to project success.