Abstract: Opening Plenary Session  3:45 pm (BACK)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Role in Mitigating Fish and Wildlife Impacts Created by Recent and Future Water Storage Development Projects

Ken Kehmeier
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Fort Collins, CO

Colorado is experiencing more water development project proposals along the Front Range than has been seen since the early 1900’s.  CRS 37-60-122.2 provides for the mitigation of impacted fish and wildlife resources by the project applicants in a reasonable manner.  Colorado Parks and Wildlife has assisted with the development of four mitigation plans that have been successful making through the state process.  There are at least three additional projects that will be going through the state process in the coming years.  Stream enhancement and channel restoration are essential components of these plans.  With the inherent decrease in seasonal flows channel changes become essential to gain or maintain natural stream function and quality fishery habitat.