Abstract: Closing Plenary Session  10:30 am (BACK)

Watershed & Ecological-Based Restoration following 50 years of Applications:
The past, present, and future

Dave Rosgen, P.H., Ph.D.
Wildland Hydrology
Fort Collins, CO

Rivers reflect the health of our watershed by their integrative and dynamic nature.  Without understanding the watershed condition or directing restoration without assessment, river works often lead to expending great efforts on patches without addressing the processes related to the problem.  Part of our potential success lies in encouraging land uses modifications and developing management plans that help ensure the future of our water resources.

Numerous methodologies following 50 years of application will be discussed to help resolve conflicts and provide sustainable solutions through the integration of multiple disciplines.  Recommendations for training and educational requirements for future practitioners are also presented, and the challenges of appropriate monitoring are addressed.

Last, the challenges we face are summarized, as introduced by the presentations and panel discussions throughout the conference.  These highlights will hopefully help direct the future success of our work.