Workshop #2   8:30 am – 12 pm (BACK)
Tuesday, July 19

Stream Functions Pyramid Framework:
Quantifying Functional Lift

–Will Harman, Stream Mechanics, Raleigh, NC
– Cidney Jones, Ecosystem Planning and Restoration

Materials that participants need to bring:  Notepads, lap tops are not required, but are recommended.

Materials participants will receive:  The QT will be provided to all workshop participants along with case studies.

Workshop Description
This workshop provides an overview of the Stream Functions Pyramid Framework (SFPF) and then demonstrates a new application called the Stream Functional Lift Quantification Tool (QT). The QT was developed with funding from the Environmental Defense Fund and support from numerous state and federal agencies. The QT is an Excel spreadsheet that calculates existing and proposed condition scores for stream restoration projects using function-based parameters from the SFPF. The results can be used for selecting restoration projects, quantifying the improvements of restoration projects, and developing stream mitigation credits.