Abstract: Session A  11:15 am (BACK)

Constructability Considerations from a Contractor’s Perspective

Adam Nabors
Environmental Quality Resources, LLC
Millersville, MD

Authors: Katrina Emery, Rick Scaffidi, Adam Nabors, Ken Williams

What are those contractors thinking? Why was the engineer’s estimate so different from the bids? How can I improve my plans and specifications to design the best possible project? Throughout 25 years in the environmental construction business, Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (EQR) has seen the same common misconceptions and misunderstandings in project plans, most of which can be addressed through open communication and feedback between contractors and designers. Though the objective of bid documents is to promote an apples to apples comparison of competing contractors, ambiguous plans can lead to unfounded assumptions and compromise the bidding process. This presentation will explore how EQR looks at projects for construction, including overall approach to the project, access issues, production methods, and materials management. During the talk, we will look at common pitfalls and sources of ambiguity that are frequently found in bid drawings, such as hidden or conflicting information, unspecified materials, and commonly missing items. We will also discuss how differing erosion and sediment control requirements can affect production, and how that can impact the overall project. Finally, we will introduce some tips for improving plans to increase clarity and foster improved communication of intentions for the most efficient possible project.