Abstract: Session A  10:00 am (BACK)

MCDA, Risk and Design Optimization for River Restoration and Diversion Projects

David Bidelspach
5 Smooth Stones Restoration, PLLC
Livermore, CO

Authors:  David Bidelspach, Michael Geenen and Greg Jennings

The communication between Engineers, Scientists and most other humans related to river restoration and diversion projects has often time been a limiting factor in reaching an optimal implementation of complex river projects.  This talk is to introduce a framework to analyze multiple goals and objectives qualitatively to reach an optimized quantitative outcome for the stakeholders to use as a basis for discussion and interaction.  This quantitative assessment of qualitative inputs limit communication errors related to personality differences with stakeholders.  This framework is generically referred to as a multi criteria decision analysis or MCDA.  The framework presented is neither new, nor revolutionary, does not require proprietary software, but it is currently being emphasized anew by many river restoration practitioners to provide better basis for design, communication of risk and decision making related to design optimization.

This MCDA framework will be discussed, related to natural channel design, three-dimensional stream design, limiting factors analysis for fisheries, flood risk, geomorphic assessment, river resiliency, cost analysis, changing points of diversion and stakeholder involvement.  Design/existing risk and design optimization will also be defined and presented for discussion.  The presentation will briefly discuss the use of a MCDA in conjunction with four CO/WY example river/fisheries projects.  This presentation will end with a MCDA led mock stakeholder involvement exercise that will require audience interaction or significant awkwardness will result.